CLS Interview- Actress Jules Nobles

Actress Jules Nobles talks about what it was like to move from Mississippi to NYC, her journey to becoming a working actress, and what 2016 has in store for her.

Interview by Tamara Grant.

J Nobles Interview image

Click here for the audio interview

Who is Jules Nobles?

Tell us three things about you that most people may not know.

Hmmmmmmm. For one, i almost drowned once. I was visiting my aunt in Phoenix and went to a water park as if i could swim. Tragic! Also, most people think i am very much a socialite, but i spend a lot of time alone and working on an array of things or reading. Surprise surprise! I am a loner majority of the time. Lastly, most people do not know that i prefer mental stimulation over sexual. It makes a very different impression for me. Make no mistake. I am a Scorpio, but am highly selective about how and from whom i make both encounters with. I cannot believe i just typed that!!! Teehee lol.

What motivates you to get up in the morning?

I know that it is preordained for me to take the best of this journey and make something of it that last beyond my lifetime.

What was the thing that motivated you to move from Mississippi to New York City?

I went from Mississippi to Georgia first. The decision was motivated by desire to explore my talents further. I wanted to know how great i could be. The same holds for moving to New York. This is where much of the greatness i love started. The energy here is a silent force that undeniably inspires genius in anyone.

What were a few things about NYC that were a complete contrast to living in Mississippi?

The transportation, the food, the ease of life…….

All of those things are such luxury at home rather than here. Everything here in New York is calculated. To leave home, you must be sure to grab kleenex, charger, umbrella….but it builds SO MUCH MORE character. I promise! Lol.

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would that be?

Telling myself to ask more questions is all. The WHYs are so important.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see the love of my life and i celebrating five years of marriage and enjoying a cute family vacationing in his hometown in Rabat. Being indulged in writing, performing, and producing is always in the vision. Authorship and entrepreneurship is interesting as well.

What’s next for you in 2016?

2016 has proven to be the YEAR OF ATTAINMENT. I have every single necessity a girl like me–from Mississippi could ever ask for.

Advice for women on discovering their talents and living life on purpose

Take care of yourself more. Get to know yourself more. These things have allowed me more freedom to be who i am and make challenging decisions with better clarity. To live on purpose requires one to KNOW their purpose firsthand. Wake each day wanting to be GREATER and creating ways to do so!



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