An Interview with author RL Byrd

An Interview With RL Byrd


Click here for the audio interview

Atlanta Architect/Author, R.L. Byrd returns with continued discussions of love and life in his newest fictional release Black Coffee.  Black Coffee introduces the readers to six men,The Brothers Forum, to offer female readers a rare peek into the psyche of their male counterparts.  Black Coffee also wakes up social advocacy by delving into discussion of pressing issues that affect black men including Homicide, Suicide, Unemployment and HIV.  With a raw and authentic voice, R.L. Byrd journeys into the black male’s perspective of challenges in love and life, unveiling truths to the great mystery of why men act and respond in ways that women are often unable to understand.

5 things women will learn about men from in Black Coffee:

  1. Good (and bad) men come in all complexions, sizes & walks of life; sometimes you have to peel back the layers to find him.
  2. Men can be strong on the outside, but quietly suffering on the inside. (When your man doesn’t talk to you.)
  3. Men deal with trust issues (just like women) that can wreak havoc on a relationship.
  4. Sometimes it’s difficult for men, who are hurt and betrayed, to get over their feelings and move forward.
  5. For some, social issues hinder finding, establishing, and maintaining a healthy relationship.

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