Curly Halo by Kimberly Elise

I was not allowed to get a relaxer until I was about 13 years old. My hair was past shoulder length and thick. My mom finally got tired of braiding it and pressing it. I was getting older. She let me get a “kiddie perm” first. Then I upgraded to a normal relaxer. Every 6-8 weeks as the container stated. It helped tame the flyaways and the curls, but it was a lot of maintenance. And I hated the way that the chemical smelled.

By the time I was pregnant with my son, I was about 24. I was living in the south and cornrows were back in style. I kept my hair braided, grew the relaxer out and pressed my hair when I wore my own. My stylist refused to relax my hair while pregnant and gave me protective styles, all the while only pressing my hair. I got used to the routine. My hair was healthier, less flat, more body.

I forgot about the relaxers and no longer asked for them. My original curl pattern started to return. Before I knew it, I was back to being natural. Even though I still press my hair straight, I stay chemical free and love it.

I’m always looking for new styles to wear and new ways to care for my hair. Not many stylists are able to help you manage your natural hair. I have been fortunate to have some that do.

natural-hair-celebrity-kimberly-elis-199x300 kim elise

So when I read Curly Halo by Kimberly Elise, I was happy to gain more knowledge about how to care for my hair. Most people that follow her know that she is a naturalista and this ebook helps you to learn some helpful tips for caring for natural hair.  There are journals to help you track your natural hair care journey as well as styling tips.

The thing that helped me the most was to pay attention to my hair grade and curl pattern. It makes a difference in the kind of products you should use. The book was helpful in making me do a little research on my hair. I actually used some of the whipped mango and shea butter I make to moisturize. My hair has been lacking moisture lately with the intense summer heat. It has made all of the difference while I am growing my hair back out from having a short style.


You can go to for tips on becoming a naturalista.

Purchase-your-copy-2-final Kim Elise

Or use this Discount Code to purchase the ebook Curly Halo and start your own natural hair care journey!



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