Book Buzz- The Millionaire’s Gamble by Sarah Ballance


We got the chance to chat with author Sarah Ballance, author of The Millionaire’s Gamble. See what she says about becoming a writer, what inspires her, and what’s on her reading list!
Women love romance and stories of love and passion. Why do you think that millionaire romances are so successful with romance audiences?

Reading is an escape, and these men are the ultimate fantasy. There is nothing wrong with the guy next door, but odds are he’s got a car payment and a cell phone bill and a budget. To truly escape, it’s delicious to leave all that behind and focus on a sexy, hot millionaire with no barriers to making a woman’s every mouthwatering dream come true. (*swoon*)
What inspires the characters that you create?

Oddly enough, for the most part I can chalk it up to the mood I’m in when I create them. My Chase series spawned by accident because I was in a goofball mood when the heroine met the hero’s family, and (hello!) the editorial director loved them so much she gave them a series. In THE MILLIONAIRE’S GAMBLE, Jagger’s character largely stemmed from the imprint on which he’s published (steamy, ruthless alpha men with only one weakness, and that’s the heroine), whereas Kennedy needed to be that one woman who wouldn’t back down, driving him crazy in the process. And, always, the characters are shaped by what happens to them over the course of the story, just as we all are by the events of our own lives.

The Millionaire's Gamble (1) #DONE #3
Do you have any writing rituals for prepping for a new book and finishing a new book?
My usual routine consists of about six weeks of calm followed by mass amounts hysteria and panic. My books are contracted before I write them, which means deadlines, which means I spend a few weeks thinking I’m on top of things and then two weeks out I hit the wall of panic, at which point my family sees that glazed, caffeine-fueled look in my eyes and they avoid me until I emerge, victorious, announcing I’ve hit send. (Really.)
What are two of your favorite authors/ novels?

I adore Rosalie Stanton’s RIPPLES THROUGH TIME. It’s been a while since I read it, but OMG that book put me on the floor, it was so amazing. I also love everything Kira Archer writes. Her sense of humor is just priceless. Her new one, TOTALLY, SWEETLY, IRREVOCABLY made my face hurt from laughing.

How did you start your career as a writer?

Funny thing is I never wanted to write. I’ve never really liked language arts or literature, though I always did well with the subjects. In college I double majored in biology and biochemistry and to this very day I love math with a passion. Nothing about me suggests writing should be a thing I do, but a few months after the birth of one of my children I started toying with nonfiction and made a few bucks. I mentioned my surprise to a friend and she said I should write a novel. I told her there was no way I could write a book, and a couple of days later it hit me that I’d said I couldn’t do something. I didn’t like that, so I wrote a book. Six months after I wrote the first word, I submitted it to one publisher, just to say I’d followed through. That publisher offered a contract, published the book in 2010, and I’ve been writing ever since!
Isn’t it odd how things like that happen? LOL. Thanks so much for letting me hang out here today. Drinks for everyone!
The Millionaire's Gamble (2) #DONE #4

Wealth has a price. Everyone wants something from you. For one woman, that something was my DNA. One minute, she was kissing me like we were going to strip it down and go
at it. And the next, she was ripping out my hair for a paternity test—and threatening to torpedo my latest deal. I don’t play these kind of games. And that damnably sexy woman with the alluring eyes and mistaken agenda is about to learn that the hard way…

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