Why I Just Might Be A Feminist

Huff Post

“I was in a Facebook group and we were discussing the topic of whether or not women should “consult” with their significant other before making a drastic change to their hair. The women who were more liberal on the topic were immediately labeled feminists. Of course with my penchant for changing my hair color from red to blonde, short or long length, or even shaved on one side, I was one of those labeled as a feminist. I had never thought of myself as one, and at first I was a little offended by what I thought was a backhanded comment. I tried to recall women who were well known feminists. I turn 38 this year and I am a black woman. I am a divorcee with two kids, live in the suburbs of Atlanta, write a blog, and love coffee and reality shows. Did I fit the bill?


Could I be a feminist?


Most of the women that I’ve heard of considered feminists were women like Susan B Anthony and Joan of Arc; white women from a time long ago, one that does not seemingly relate to my life as a single divorced mother of two kids in 2016.”

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