Astrology Forecast January 29- February 3, 2017


This is the beginning of the eclipse season starting January 27.  With a lunar eclipse (full moon) in Leo on 2/10 and a solar eclipse (new moon) in Pisces on 2/26, this will be a time of shake ups, change, and transformation.

This week is a time to think and choose your words wisely. With Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn, it is the perfect time to concentrate on tasks and business matters at hand. Views will be realistic and organized due to Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.

From 1/3-2/3 Venus is in Pisces.  Love is all around but is dreamy, has no boundaries, and is full of affection. February 3, Venus crosses into Aries, creating more spontaneity, seduction, and the need to keep things fresh. Aries fire in Venus creates a time for creative intelligence and is a great time for self- discovery and journeys of self- identity.

1/31, the Moon is waxing and in Pisces. This is time for new beginnings. Develop a plan for what you want and begin to manifest it. It is a time to be free-spirited, and go with your impulses a bit. Brainstorm and dive in to the plan.

By the end of the week (2/3), we will have the 1st Quarter Moon in Taurus. Taurus energy is focused on ambition, independence, being practical, and a bit stubborn. This energy will affect the fixed times more strongly (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

This is a great time in general for starting and initiating group projects, humanitarian efforts, thinking outside of the box, and overall focusing on the future. Learn something new. Break away from old habits.

Have you set new intentions for the New Moon?

What are you focused on for the next few weeks?


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