Self Love and Why You Should Get To Know Yourself

"We thrive on healthy relationships and can grow because our connections are meant to be blessings to others." I don't know how many times I've heard the adage 'You must love yourself before you love anyone else".  Sounds simple enough.  But maybe it's not. How does one love him or herself? How does one get... Continue Reading →

Sharing Too Much Too Soon- How Much Information Is Too Much To Share?

"My Facebook timeline has everything from struggle plates from the night's dinner to somebody's auntie in a hospital bed, hooked up to all kinds of tubes, waving to the camera." TMI. Too much information. Today's society is overloaded with it.  Somehow, social media gives us way too much insight into people's lives. My Facebook timeline... Continue Reading →

Memes fuck up our worlds, but entertain us at the same time. This is the meme that was posted in one of my Facebook groups today: Putting aside the fact that some of my favorite memes are usually grammatically incorrect and never ever spell checked, the other issue is that most of us like to... Continue Reading →

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