Which is harder,…Letting go or moving on in a relationship?

Starting over after a marriage or a long term relationship can be difficult. It is difficult to let go of familiarity, comfort, or just being use to another person. It may also be difficult to move on because fear of being alone. I know most women have been in this situation before, and it’s safe to say that it is not easy to end a relationship. I personally think letting go and moving on is equally hard, and the process is difficult to handle. However, certain situations may gauge which one is more difficult than the other.


Once you let go of a relationship, the feeling of missing that person will set in and eat at you day and night. The constant memories, feelings of regret, and loneliness sets in very quick. Making a decision to let go of a relationship usually means the other person has forced you to this decision because of their continuous fuck ups! I know for me, that is usually the circumstance. Letting go is sometimes similar to a death. Love does not turn off once you let go, you literally have to go through a grieving process. First you’re angry, next you’re sad, then you’re angry again. Finally, you start analyzing all the crap that went on in your relationship to justify your decision of letting go in the first place. The break up cycle can leave you tired, depressed, and unhappy. That is why you have to create your own happiness, stay positive, and prayed up!


Eventually, you will decide to move on. Moving on with someone else, or just moving on with accepting the fact that you will never be with that person again can be a drastic change. Moving on is scary because of the unknown. I don’t believe in the saying, “The answer to getting over a man, is getting under a new one!”  Nope, not true! That is not the answer and please do not go out here thotting around to make the process easier because you will regret it! Take time before you step into another relationship. Allow the person that is meant for you to find you by being patient. Patience is a difficult task to handle during the moving on process, but it is very essential.  Your past relationship will not ruin your future, you will look back on this time in your life and learn from it. I encourage people to take the moving on time to reflect, accept the change, and work on self. Change for the better, look at it like an opportunity to start over. This should be a time for excitement to witness what God has in store for you. Time will heal all wounds and the right person will come if you keep the faith. Those dark clouds in your life will move and the sunshine will come back, and that is when you will know it is time to move on!

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