5 Things To Quit Right Now

This list struck me when I first saw it. Seems like the information is pretty elementary, yet it is so very profound.

5 things. 5 things that should be simple to do, but it does not work that easily.

Some of us are stuck in habits, stuck constantly doing some of the above or even all of the above. We repeatedly cycle through 1-5 and don’t even notice that we are doing it.  And then, when life comes crashing down on us, we can’t figure out why.

There are way too many of us living life crippled with fear and doubt. Too many of us stuck in the past and unable to live right now in the moment. And way too many of us seeking approval of other people, then devastated when we don’t get it.

Life requires so much more than that from you.

We spend too much time on all of the wrong things.

Pleasing others never helps us raise our self-respect or self-worth. It puts us in a place where we are not taken care of. People pleasing never allows you to be a priority. And you almost always end up with regret and sometimes guilt in the end. Empty, waiting on that person to please you back. Never happens.

Fearing change leaves us paralyzed. Stuck as you watch life pass you by. Sitting and wondering why everyone else is getting ahead. Honestly, they are not moving faster than you. They are simply moving. When you live life based in fear and anxiety, you aren’t moving. And it is the only reason you are behind.

Living in the past does not allow you to be present in the here and now. Constantly trying to figure out the “why” won’t help. Sometimes the why does not matter. You have got to get out of the clouds. That memory is not real. No matter how good it feels. What is happening in your life today? You may not know because you have let life pass you by all because you are living in the past.

Putting yourself down, living with self-doubt, it is all crippling. How can you expect someone else to lift you up when you don’t even love or like yourself? Too often, people expect likes on social media or compliments from an outside source to uplift them. What happens when you don’t get those things? Your sense of self-worth is internal. Never place it in the hands of another.

Overthinking and overanalyzing is a vicious cycle. Sure it feels good to think the situation through and come up with alternate endings, but none of it is reality. It is all what you would like to happen vs what actually happened. And what we would like to happen does not matter. What actually occurred is what you have to deal with. And quite frankly, there are a few of us that overanalyze to the point where we never actually start going after our dreams. Planning and never executing. There is no point in that.

5 things.

5 things that often leave us stuck, behind in life, and just plain unhappy.  How many of these things apply to you and how will you quit right now?


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