#NotMyPresident w/Victoria Christopher Murray

When President Obama was sworn into office I was filled with an unbelievable amount of pride. He brought with him so much hope for the country. We all knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that Mr. Obama was going to be a president for all people. Now the Obama Presidency has come to an … Continue reading #NotMyPresident w/Victoria Christopher Murray

2017 Will Find Me Taking a New Approach to an Old Dream!

With the new year right around the corner, everyone is reflecting on what they want to do differently. So many are caught up in changing the way they look and living a healthier life. I am no exception. I'm turning fifty in 2017 and you best believe that I want to be fifty and fabulous, … Continue reading 2017 Will Find Me Taking a New Approach to an Old Dream!

Date Night with Mary J. & Maxwell

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Mary J. Blige fan. I love her music and her realness. She has never appeared to be the kind of celebrity to pretend to be something or someone she’s not for the sake of record sales. Her music speaks to the masses, it’s relatable, and … Continue reading Date Night with Mary J. & Maxwell

My Kitchen Is Closed – The Price Of Non-Compliance

Back in the day when hubby and me married, we agreed that whichever one cooked dinner the other would clean the kitchen after dinner. We were both working and shared all the other house work. For the first few years this system worked great, but somewhere along the way my dearly beloved decided that he … Continue reading My Kitchen Is Closed – The Price Of Non-Compliance

Embracing My Extra

Yes, I know that the hot term now is “thick.” But come on, everyone isn’t thick, some of us just have a little extra and I’m okay with mine. As I was anticipating going to homecoming and seeing old friends that I hadn’t seen in forever, I started examining my body with a very critical … Continue reading Embracing My Extra

A Walk In Her Shoes

Last week I went to Rockdale Medical in Conyers for my mammogram as I do every year. And like past years, they squeezed my boobs until those little puppies cried for mercy. Afterwards I dressed and continued with my day as always. I knew that my little letter would come in the mail letting me … Continue reading A Walk In Her Shoes

Death of the Old School Hustlers

“I need both in my life. A professional legitimate hustler.” The other day I did a question of the day on my Facebook page and in a couple of Facebook groups. I asked if you preferred your mate to be a professional or be a hustler. Immediately, I saw the difference between the younger generation … Continue reading Death of the Old School Hustlers

Does Every Month Have To Be An Awareness Month?

"Realize that none of us are immune from any of it. Learn what you can and give what you can." The end of September brings to close Sickle Cell Awareness Month. October ushers in Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. With November we’ll welcome National Diabetes Awareness Month and Health Awareness Month. … Continue reading Does Every Month Have To Be An Awareness Month?

Alcohol Used To Be a Friend of Mine

Growing up I always despised the smell of alcohol. I had an uncle who used to over indulge and always smelled like a brewery. Periodically my father would try to hang with my uncle, but after one beer he was down for the count. Witnessing and smelling this made me wonder why anyone would dare … Continue reading Alcohol Used To Be a Friend of Mine