After the Breakup: When Anger Sets In

You have finally gotten over the “whys” and “hows”.  You have committed to moving on because you realize that the relationship has been holding you back for a very long time.

But one thing keeps you stuck in the healing process.  You are angry.  Angry at him for being who he is or could not be for you.

You are angry with yourself.  You stayed too long.  Ignored all the warning signs.  Believed his obvious lies.  Hoped he would change.  Prayed he would be the man you needed him to be.

Your anger is normal.  It will take some time for you to process this anger.  It is a natural part of the healing process.

I caution you though.  Don’t stay here too long.

Begin to explore ways that will allow you to open your heart to forgive.  Forgive him for the things he may have said or done to hurt you.

Most importantly, forgive yourself!!

Forgive yourself for forgetting that your health and well-being is the ultimate priority in your life.  Forgive yourself for putting the needs of others before yours.  Forgive yourself for not taking care of the most important person in your life – YOU!

Healing takes time and is sometimes an uncomfortable space to be in.  Be gentle with yourself.  You may have to open your heart to forgiveness multiple times before you truly feel the spiritual freedom from doing so.

But, I promise you that as you re-focus your attention on yourself and your needs that you will feel AMAZING when this is all over.  You will so proud of yourself for taking the time to nourish and honor yourself.




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