In The City: Summer Fun in VA

During the week of the fourth, I had the opportunity to spend some time with family in Hampton. We always love traveling to see them because we get to go to the beach- oh and we love them a lot too. This trip was different as we spent more time beach hopping. ┬áThe first beach... Continue Reading →

I Wanna Be Free Like Jill Scott!

Listening to Jill Scott is my medicine. Her songs are my love potion. Her lyrics give me life. The words are like attending a spoken word event on steroids. Just like every woman who has ever loved, her heart is pure and her emotions spill from her soul. Her voice is flawless. When she sings,... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Crazy!

"Even as a writer I'd be ashamed to put it on paper because I didn't want people to think that I was crazy. But what I've learned is that my battles are never for me."   I'm a big advocate for healthy mental health within the African American community. Unfortunately, we tend to stick with... Continue Reading →

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