Should you have a baby shower for each child? #QOTD

This conversation came up in a  Facebook group that I am in. I have two children and I had a baby shower for each. For my oldest, the shower came before birth and we received many great gifts to help prepare for his arrival. For the youngest, we had the shower two months after she... Continue Reading →

Should we stay together because of the kids?

~"Sometimes too much damage has been done in the relationship and couple can’t even be intimate with one another."   Hell No!!.. That’s my answer to the question, “Should we stay together because of the kids?” Everyone deserves to be happy. Everyone deserves to live life to the fullest. No one wants to be miserable... Continue Reading →

Dating After Divorce

~ "Avoid dating the rebound guy, give yourself time get to know yourself in a different light." So now I’m a divorced woman with two children!!...  Am I ready to date again? “Before I got married and had two children my body was snatched honey!!”  “Now, after two kids I don’t think I want another... Continue Reading →

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