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Lover of words, flowers, and anything sweet, Tamara has a passion for writing. When she is not ghostwriting romance novels and short stories, she is usually reading romance novels or watching Hallmark Channel movies. Originally from Baltimore, MD, Tamara spent twelve years working as a licensed clinical social worker in Atlanta and currently works as a life coach and offers intuitive coaching for clients. A mother of two; a thirteen year old son and a six year old daughter, Tamara is an avid Baltimore Ravens fan who also loves watching boxing and MMA.

She is also a blogger at Huffington Post  and Saffron Soul Violet Voices

~”Being a woman is one of the greatest gifts in the world. Giving love to others is the other.”

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Born in Chicago, Illinois and Lisa became a Georgia Peach when her family moved to Atlanta, Georgia when she was 8 years old. The youngest of three sisters, Lisa attended West Georgia University but finished her degree in Psychology at the University of Phoenix. A divorced mom of two kids; a son who is 21 and a daughter who is 17 years old, Lisa is all about her family and having fun. She loves to travel and shop and she loves sports, especially football. She is always looking for new creative events to attend and experience with her family.

~”God has brought me from low to high times and I give him all the glory over my life. I am an open book and I believe my calling is to help others through modern counseling techniques.”

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Hilda is truly an inspiration to those in her community as she has been a living example of what it means to take control of one’s life and live life to the fullest.  Hilda knows all too well the challenges involved with balancing her role as a mother and career professional.  After sixteen years of putting others first and herself last, she made a decision that changed her life tremendously.  On New Year’s Eve 2011, she made a commitment to take care of herself – mind, body, and spirit.  As a result of her hard work and dedication, Hilda achieved phenomenal weight loss success.  She lost 40 pounds in 15 months, dropping from a size 14 to a size 6.

Passionate.  Committed.  Dynamic.  These are just a few words that describe Hilda’s work and life mission to inspire others toward living a life full of happiness and vitality.  Today, she is truly living an awesome life and positively impacts hundreds of men and women each year.  As a college professor, Hilda challenges students to explore how they can improve their lives.

Hilda lives in Atlanta, GA with her children, Marquis, Corey, and Alana.  Her eldest son, Adrian, is a college freshman at Georgia State University.  She loves a great red wine, yoga, and great company.

~“The day will come when the risk to remain tight in a bud is more painful than the risk it takes to blossom.”

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Born and raised in the heart of Atlanta, Stacey is a proud Georgia Peach and an avid Falcons fan. She is a lover of music, theater and true crime shows. However, Stacey is most passionate about writing.  She studied journalism at Savannah State University and wrote training manuals for various insurance companies before spreading her wings and becoming a published author of Contemporary Fiction.
Stacey is the mother of an amazing 14 year old son and will soon celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary.
~”We were never given the spirit of fear. We were given the spirit of Power, Love & Sound Mind & that’s what we should operate from.”
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Cierra has been in Atlanta for 16 years when she moved from California with her parents in 2000. She’s the oldest of 5 children. She’s a wife and mother of three kids ages 2,5, and 8.
Cierra has always been an avid reader and writer. She published her first chapbook in February of 2016 and also does spoken word in many Atlanta venues.
After having the toughest year of her adult life on 2014 she realized how important writing, being transparent, and standing in her own truth is. Her ultimate goal is to become self-employed as a writer which would allow her to spend more quality time with her family.
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Crystal is a native of Chicagoland.  She’s a lover of poetry, writing, and live entertainment.  Crystal is a Financial Services Representative by day and writer by night.

A double Wildcat with an undergraduate in Communications and a Masters of Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University. Crystal is passionate about sharing tips on Integrated Marketing on www.crys2sana.com.

Crystal is well known for being a great listener and lover of storytelling. In her leisure time, she loves to take long walks and play with her dog Chico.

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Dawn is a Chicago native who holds down a day job, two brilliant Black boys, and a marriage of 15 years to her writer/feminist husband.  When she’s not trying to catch up on sleep, she writes about race, class, gender, and representation in the media to the sounds of Prince on her ever expanding playlist.

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Contributing Writer



Pam is a quirky Georgia Peach who struggles daily for her right to be selfish, fearless, and carefree. A single mother of a 25 year old man-child, she is also a friend, mentor, cheerleader, and coach. In her free time she frets over her on again off again relationship with fitness, attends wine tastings, festivals and various other random things to get her out of her comfort zone. She has a self esteem blog and is a tarot/angel card reader.

Pam is extremely excited to be a contributing writer and will share perspectives of her process of healing from a broken heart, love, low self esteem and a fight to unapologetic about who she is.

She also will occasionally refer to her alter ego Penelope. Penelope smokes weed, cusses, talks trash, and will occasionally show up when she Pam is not being true to herself.

We welcome them both!