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As bloggers, we realize how influential we can be. It’s like having a conversation with your closest friend. When you want to find the right hair stylist or the best new place to shop for clothes, you ask a friend and trust their recommendation.

Caramel Lattes and Stilettos wants to offer you the same advice! We love beauty and fashion and want to share with you when we find things that we love!

We are affiliate partners with brands. That means we partner with brands that we love and in a sense, we advertise for them. So when you see us post about a brand, it means that we’ve tried it and love it! You can trust that!

We give you the links to shop the places we love and you get discounts! It’s that simple. We will always tell you when it is a brand partner so you are aware when you shop. Check out our reviews on You Tube as well!



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