Your Personality May Be Ruining Your Dating Life

"But after having so many conversations with my girlfriends, I'm trying to figure out why some are dateless and others are not able to keep a new prospective interest around for more than a few months."   Okay, so that may be a little extreme. But after having so many conversations with my girlfriends, I'm... Continue Reading →

Sharing Too Much Too Soon- How Much Information Is Too Much To Share?

"My Facebook timeline has everything from struggle plates from the night's dinner to somebody's auntie in a hospital bed, hooked up to all kinds of tubes, waving to the camera." TMI. Too much information. Today's society is overloaded with it.  Somehow, social media gives us way too much insight into people's lives. My Facebook timeline... Continue Reading →

Short Story ~ Paradise Is a Lie

Isabel ran around her small apartment making sure that everything was neat and clean. She’d strategically placed twenty candles throughout the confined space. Realizing that she only had twenty minutes before Jacob’s arrival, Isabel ran to the bathroom for a quick shower. She’d bathed, lotioned, and dressed in record time. As she waited for the... Continue Reading →

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