Which Are You? The Better Ex or the Bitter Ex?

It is interesting to see how people respond to breakups.  I can even attest to experiencing this myself.

After the relationship ends, the most loving couples become unrecognizable in an emotional and spiritual kind of way .  Yelling. Screaming. Wishing harm on the other person. Or even worse. Wishing them dead.

How is this so?

How can individuals who once professed their unrequited love for one another now carry this level of animosity and feelings against another?

I have heard divorcees speak of how they wish they could do the most unimaginable things to their ex or his/her property.  Some even go as far as act on those wishes.

Well this is my theory.

The one person that has the capacity to harm another (through words or actions) in this way never really loved their spouse or partner.  I mean true unconditional love. Because no one would ever speak or do something like that to someone they truly love despite actions committed to or against them. Also, if you truly love someone and they do not desire to remain in the relationship then the love you have for the person would allow you to let them go, emotionally and physically. I digress..

So, after the breakup are going to be the Bitter Ex or the Better Ex?

Will you take every opportunity to hold on emotionally or spiritually to the relationship that once existed.  Or will you let that shit go and move on?

How about this!  How about you commit to being the Better Ex!

Focus on getting better. Improve yourself.  Take care of yourself.  Keep your energy and thoughts off of the actions committed by your former spouse/partner.  If you have children, make them a priority. Heal.

By doing so, you (and your children) win! And you deserve to win!  Muah!


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