Relationship Roundtable- Is The Married Man I Met Really My Friend?

"I met a man online and at first, there was a sexual interest. We clicked immediately, had sex, but then we both decided that it would be best to be friends. He is great conversation, makes me laugh, and we have a lot in common. He's married, but says that he's going through a separation... Continue Reading →

  ~"Let go of the "shoulda, coulda, woulda's" and accept what is and where you are in this moment." Okay, so you've decided to call it quits.  Or maybe someone has decided for you.  Either way, now is not the time to wallow heavily in self-pity, eat hundreds of ice cream pints and give up on... Continue Reading →

CLS Blog Launch Guest Speaker- Dr. Teri Larkins

Teri Lynnea Larkins learned early on that one must always reach back while pressing forward which has allowed her to excel in her academics, career and community. Her family values, taking advantage of countless opportunities and the mentors she gained growing up in Baltimore, Maryland have molded her into a successful strategist, philanthropreneur (Phil- an-throw... Continue Reading →

~"Part of the problem is that many of us are too willing to live these ghetto fairy tales (self included)." I'm a meme addict. I confess. I have them downloaded and screenshot them in my phone, ready to pull the trigger when the context is right. They are funny and they seem to always say... Continue Reading →

The Secret to My Sanity ~ Why This Married Woman Needs Time Alone

~"My husband didn’t always get this concept of alone time. Like my family, he didn’t understand my need to disconnect."   Imagine living in a large family home with your parents, five brothers and sisters, grandparents and a seemingly constant stream of company. Whether it's friends hanging out, family dropping by or just the immediate... Continue Reading →

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