Who Says Marriage Doesn’t Last?

"We know that love is not enough, but mutual respect and communication are mandatory." If anyone has ever told you that marriage was easy, they lied! It’s the eve of my twentieth wedding anniversary and if you hear me say that it’s all been peaches and cream, just know that I’m lying too. But thankfully... Continue Reading →

My Journey to Motherhood

"But not all of us have these simple pregnancies that we breeze through." I have two healthy kids. I've been pregnant six times. Yes. Six. My journey to motherhood has not been an easy one. I had never thought about getting pregnant before my ex-husband and I decided to start a family. I was on... Continue Reading →

An Evening of Real Talk: Let’s Be Real

Last Sunday CLS blogger, Hilda, attended Let's Be Real: An Authentic Experience for Women. Francheska "Fancy" Felder, Owner & Publisher of SwagHer Magazine, and  Que Johnson, CEO/hostess of The Purple Girl Show, collaborated and brought together some amazing entrepreneurs to share tips and inspirational stories to budding entrepreneurs. Both Fancy and Que are passionate about sharing... Continue Reading →

Reduce Your Stress by Shifting Your Mindset

"Before I was aware of this, countless negative thoughts flowed through my mind throughout the day.  As a result, I was more pessimistic about life and my destiny." Negative thoughts and emotions are common contributors to stress.  Replacing negative  thoughts with positive thoughts, also called cognitive restructuring, is an important element of living a stress-free... Continue Reading →

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