Who Says Marriage Doesn’t Last?

"We know that love is not enough, but mutual respect and communication are mandatory." If anyone has ever told you that marriage was easy, they lied! It’s the eve of my twentieth wedding anniversary and if you hear me say that it’s all been peaches and cream, just know that I’m lying too. But thankfully … Continue reading Who Says Marriage Doesn’t Last?

My Journey to Motherhood

"But not all of us have these simple pregnancies that we breeze through." I have two healthy kids. I've been pregnant six times. Yes. Six. My journey to motherhood has not been an easy one. I had never thought about getting pregnant before my ex-husband and I decided to start a family. I was on … Continue reading My Journey to Motherhood

Making Real Changes to Inclusion

"By all means, I’m grateful for my journey and feel that everything happens for a reason." As I grow older, I think more about what I can do to contribute to a better society. Growing up I dreamed of graduating from college and having a successful career. I imagined my career to be fulfilling and … Continue reading Making Real Changes to Inclusion

Curly Halo by Kimberly Elise

I was not allowed to get a relaxer until I was about 13 years old. My hair was past shoulder length and thick. My mom finally got tired of braiding it and pressing it. I was getting older. She let me get a "kiddie perm" first. Then I upgraded to a normal relaxer. Every 6-8 … Continue reading Curly Halo by Kimberly Elise

An Evening of Real Talk: Let’s Be Real

Last Sunday CLS blogger, Hilda, attended Let's Be Real: An Authentic Experience for Women. Francheska "Fancy" Felder, Owner & Publisher of SwagHer Magazine, and  Que Johnson, CEO/hostess of The Purple Girl Show, collaborated and brought together some amazing entrepreneurs to share tips and inspirational stories to budding entrepreneurs. Both Fancy and Que are passionate about sharing … Continue reading An Evening of Real Talk: Let’s Be Real

Reduce Your Stress by Shifting Your Mindset

"Before I was aware of this, countless negative thoughts flowed through my mind throughout the day.  As a result, I was more pessimistic about life and my destiny." Negative thoughts and emotions are common contributors to stress.  Replacing negative  thoughts with positive thoughts, also called cognitive restructuring, is an important element of living a stress-free … Continue reading Reduce Your Stress by Shifting Your Mindset

Why Are So Many Children Being Molested?

"Then, one lady began to talk and she started off saying, “Ok, so we all know everyone has been molested as a child!” and she continued talking but I didn’t hear anything else after that. All of the ladies in the room nodded in agreement when she made that statement like it was normal." A … Continue reading Why Are So Many Children Being Molested?

Monday Motivation- Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

"So whether you see the glass as half full or half empty is truly perspective." You've most likely heard the adage about seeing the glass half full or half empty.  It is one that kind of annoys me. There are so many different ways to look at this. If you look at the glass as … Continue reading Monday Motivation- Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Body Image: Interpreting Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman

Body image has always been my issue. When I’m slim, I have no hips or ass. When I gain weight, my body turns into an interesting Sponge Bob sort of dimension. My boobs are loyal and remain not fazed by pounds going up or down. They love me so much; they’ve decided to hang out … Continue reading Body Image: Interpreting Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman

All Assed Out ~ Why We’re Worth More

"Some may say that I’m being a hater or that I’m jealous because I wasn’t blessed with a big bodacious booty." Scrolling through my Facebook page the other day I came across a friend request from a female that had an ass shot as her profile picture. My first thought was what the hell! I … Continue reading All Assed Out ~ Why We’re Worth More