Guilt Free Mommy Getaway: My Trip to the Bahamas

"And the bottom line is that I need and deserve every ounce of pleasure on these getaways." The past few months have been a perfect balance of what I want my life to be be like- lots of work and play. I work hard for my kiddos so that they have what they need so … Continue reading Guilt Free Mommy Getaway: My Trip to the Bahamas

The first time I volunteered at Chicago’s Marathon was sensational!

Sisters in Touch invited me out to volunteer at Chicago’s Marathon 2016, sponsored by Bank of America. The night before, I said a quick prayer asking for the best experience I can imagine.  Well, I got that. My journey began meeting Michelle, the organizer for Sisters in Touch. Walking to Chicago’s CTA, Michelle and I … Continue reading The first time I volunteered at Chicago’s Marathon was sensational!

It’s all about that Apple! – 5 things I discovered about myself hanging out at County Line Orchard

Picking apples off trees makes me feel peaceful. Stretching for that one apple that had the right glow, pigment, and seem to be the strength of the branch was not only rewarding but helped me to know that a prize possession isn’t necessarily human. It can be a piece of fruit not tainted with shine … Continue reading It’s all about that Apple! – 5 things I discovered about myself hanging out at County Line Orchard

A Walk In Her Shoes

Last week I went to Rockdale Medical in Conyers for my mammogram as I do every year. And like past years, they squeezed my boobs until those little puppies cried for mercy. Afterwards I dressed and continued with my day as always. I knew that my little letter would come in the mail letting me … Continue reading A Walk In Her Shoes

In too DEEP!- a poemstory

Loving, laughing; and believing in happily ever after is an ultimate goal. At least I hope so. I’ve never heard anyone confess to wanting anything different. Life serves up all kinds of cues to what feels right in relationships. What complicates matters is getting in too DEEP! Let’s keep it real. There’s no denying the … Continue reading In too DEEP!- a poemstory

Death of the Old School Hustlers

“I need both in my life. A professional legitimate hustler.” The other day I did a question of the day on my Facebook page and in a couple of Facebook groups. I asked if you preferred your mate to be a professional or be a hustler. Immediately, I saw the difference between the younger generation … Continue reading Death of the Old School Hustlers

On the matter of “great sex”

I know what you're thinking.  There she goes again talking about sex.  And really what it is is me not talking about sex as much as I'm reacting to all the talk about sex. I love film, television, music...culture, but I'm critical as hell of it.  It's like that big brother/sister you adored as a … Continue reading On the matter of “great sex”

Makes Me Wanna Holler

These past few years have been difficult to say the least. As with most things, I struggle to figure out if the frequency at which things are happening has increased or is it just simply the fact that we can now live broadcast our lives with our phones. Most certainly, it's been open season on … Continue reading Makes Me Wanna Holler

Raise Your Vibration

Kindness. Gratitude. Happiness. These words sound so basic but yet, it seems hard to obtain these very things. Where do you find happiness? How do you express gratitude? Who deserves kindness? There is no easy answer for any of those questions. But one answer is that all of the above starts from within. You can not … Continue reading Raise Your Vibration

Tango with Diablo

"Maybe it's just utter insanity. To consciously fall for someone who is emotionally unavailable." You ever do something and you know damn well that it's not right, but you do it anyway? My girlfriends and I spend a lot of time talking about love and relationships. And one thing that we discuss often is falling … Continue reading Tango with Diablo