Perfect Couples and Model Families: Shit is Not What it is Cracked Up To Be

"So when you see your friend post pics of her and her boo taking a trip to a beautiful island far away, know that they are dealing with real relationship challenges like you and I." The world of social media has turned out to be a blessing and a curse.  On one side of the spectrum … Continue reading Perfect Couples and Model Families: Shit is Not What it is Cracked Up To Be

Monday Motivation- Don’t Grant The Devil Access

"You may have recognized the lesson, but you have not passed the test."   Sometimes it gets difficult to understand why things aren't changing in life. Why you continue to choose the same man over and over again. Why there continues to be the same turmoil and stress. Why nothing seems to move forward. You … Continue reading Monday Motivation- Don’t Grant The Devil Access

Overcoming Anxiety

"Motherhood definitely contributed to heightened anxiety in the twenties and thirties.  And with each addition to the family, the anxiety grew as well." According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of American, more than 6.8 million people are affected by general anxiety disorder (GAD).  Individuals affected by this condition experience excessive anxiety and worry, often expecting the … Continue reading Overcoming Anxiety

Dating: Are You Approachable?

"The reality of the situation is- You are not approachable." Sitting with your friends at a cafe or a bar, everyone is dressed to impress and is ready to have a good time. After a good time out, you are on your way home when you realize that no one asked you for your number. … Continue reading Dating: Are You Approachable?

Black Angels

Trayvon Martin, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, Kevin Scott , Sandra Bland, Jordan, Terrence Crutcher, Michael Brown, Dontre Hamilton, Sean Bell, John Crawford, Ezell Ford, Dante Parker, Tanisha Anderson, Akai Gurley, Tamir Rice, Rumain Brisbon, Jerame Reid, Tony Robinson, Phillip White, Eric Harris, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Alton Sterling, Keith Childress, Bettie Jones, Kevin Matthews, India … Continue reading Black Angels

My Double D Fraternal Twins

Having Double D’s has ups and downs. Literally. Growing up, it was a badge of honor to have big boobs. Friends, family and random women would say, “girl you are so blessed to have big boobs.” Often times, I would smile, say thank you with clinched teeth. But the truth was, damn these bubbles are … Continue reading My Double D Fraternal Twins

Alcohol Used To Be a Friend of Mine

Growing up I always despised the smell of alcohol. I had an uncle who used to over indulge and always smelled like a brewery. Periodically my father would try to hang with my uncle, but after one beer he was down for the count. Witnessing and smelling this made me wonder why anyone would dare … Continue reading Alcohol Used To Be a Friend of Mine

Bye Alopecia!- A poemstory

I wake up and stare as you shine in glory.  Whatever! You don’t scare me. You don’t define my past or future. You tried to take my self-esteem. You almost did. I survived. Ha. From the moment you took my scalp, I feared the stares, points, and eyes of sympathy. Some empathy. Take yo tired … Continue reading Bye Alopecia!- A poemstory

Mom Jeans….

  I chaperoned my 8-year-old daughter’s 3rd grade field trip to the High Museum of Art this past week and let’s just say, as a 29-year-old mother of three, I don’t know if I’m supposed to wear mom jeans or not. Nope, I don’t mean the new stylish, fit and make you look sexy mom … Continue reading Mom Jeans….

Our 5th Anniversary ( A picture post)

There are no words to explain the depth of love that I have for you. But only to the best of my natural ability will I formulate the words so that I can create the most accurate visual of what I so deeply feel for you. Only because of you I live. Breath is given … Continue reading Our 5th Anniversary ( A picture post)