Entrepreneurship, Businesswomen, and How We Should Raise Our Standards

A few weeks ago, I went by Concoction the Work_shop. Owned by designer Charla Ruschelle, Concoction is a spot where you can find custom made pieces by local designers, including Charla herself. In a place like Atlanta, where women are always looking to be on the cutting edge of fashion, Concoction offers the perfect opportunity... Continue Reading →

CLS Interviews Punany Poets Founder, Jessica Holter 

This month, CLS is excited to share with you a phenomenal woman doing some amazing work. Jessica Holter, founder of Punany Poets, has created a  platform in which the topics of sex and sexuality can be explored in a creative way.  What is Punany?  Punany is sex with the lights on.  Her events bring together... Continue Reading →

  We've extended the early bird deadline for ticket sales until May 14! Come out and celebrate with the ladies of CLS at the blog launch and networking mixer. Click here to purchase your tickets to join us!

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