Entrepreneurship, Businesswomen, and How We Should Raise Our Standards

A few weeks ago, I went by Concoction the Work_shop. Owned by designer Charla Ruschelle, Concoction is a spot where you can find custom made pieces by local designers, including Charla herself. In a place like Atlanta, where women are always looking to be on the cutting edge of fashion, Concoction offers the perfect opportunity... Continue Reading →

CLS Interviews Punany Poets Founder, Jessica Holter 

This month, CLS is excited to share with you a phenomenal woman doing some amazing work. Jessica Holter, founder of Punany Poets, has created a  platform in which the topics of sex and sexuality can be explored in a creative way.  What is Punany?  Punany is sex with the lights on.  Her events bring together... Continue Reading →

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