Body Image: Interpreting Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman

Body image has always been my issue. When I’m slim, I have no hips or ass. When I gain weight, my body turns into an interesting Sponge Bob sort of dimension. My boobs are loyal and remain not fazed by pounds going up or down. They love me so much; they’ve decided to hang out... Continue Reading →

The Power of No!

"There were times that someone would call me to ask a favor and me not wanting to disappoint would automatically say “Sure, no problem.” There are some lessons in this life that have been harder for me to than others. One such lesson was learning to say no. Why was it so difficult? Quite honestly... Continue Reading →

Sharing Too Much Too Soon- How Much Information Is Too Much To Share?

"My Facebook timeline has everything from struggle plates from the night's dinner to somebody's auntie in a hospital bed, hooked up to all kinds of tubes, waving to the camera." TMI. Too much information. Today's society is overloaded with it.  Somehow, social media gives us way too much insight into people's lives. My Facebook timeline... Continue Reading →

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