One of the Best Seafood Places in New Orleans


Harbor Seafood and Oyster Bar in New Orleans has some of the best seafood I ever tasted! This is a place where the locals go in New Orleans and when I tell you the food is Mmmmmm.. Good, I am not exaggerating. I have been to New Orleans several times, but my recent visit was the best because of Harbor’s Seafood.. (Yeah, I like to eat. So what!”) Anyway when we arrived to New Orleans for the great Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints football weekend, we wasn’t sure where to go and grab a quick bite to eat before we hit up French Quarters. We were saving our appetite for later that evening at another restaurant that we love to dine in. We asked the ladies at the front desk of our hotel, “Where do the locals go to get some good seafood?” They both stated, “Harbors Seafood!” Enough said, since they both said it at the same time, it must be good. So we pulled it up on the GPS and it was only 5 minutes away from our hotel.

Once we get to Harbor Seafood and Oyster Bar we were greeted by the very delicious smell of seafood before we even walked in the door. We saw people carrying to go bags to the car and the place was busy, but not too busy where we didn’t want to wait for your food. Once we walked in the host immediately sat us down at a table.  The atmosphere was like a diner almost. The table and chairs were not fancy at all and it looked like card tables with a tablecloth on it. However, no one cared about the tables…. Everyone was chowing down and enjoying their food. The restaurant was very clean and the staff was extremely nice to us even though we had on Atlanta Falcons gear.

We ordered the steamed spicy peel and eat shrimp as an appetizer and it could have been a meal by itself. The seasoning and spices blended so well and my mouth was watering before I took my first bite. The shrimp were Jumbo size and steamed to perfection. This was also served with a little garlic butter dipping sauce just to add the finishing touch. My entrée was the seafood platter that came with fish, shrimp, crab claws, clams, crab cakes, soft shell crab, and fries. This restaurant is not stingy with their food at all, my plate was piled up and practically tumbling over with seafood. I could eat on this platter for the next two days if I wanted to. Everything was fresh and seasoned to perfection. The prices are extremely reasonable for the amount of food that they serve!

I will tell anyone visiting New Orleans to eat at Harbor Seafood and Oyster Bar. You will not be disappointed! Bon Petit!


Harbor Seafood and Oyster Bar in New Orleans

3203 Williams Blvd, Kenner, LA 70065

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