Social Media Authenticity: The reason I didn’t have my husband remove the unflattering pic of me on his FB page

"If people are going to see me on social media, I want people to see my real life, the good, bad, and ugly of it all because human perfection is not beautiful, it's a lie." I gotta give it to Alicia Keys.  It takes character to decide to ditch make up in an industry as... Continue Reading →

Life and the Pursuit of Happiness 

"I am not defined by my ability to find a husband, have children, or by the number of degrees I have." I remember when I was little and my friends and I would play fun games.  These games were fun but gave me some insight about how my life will be one day. The fortune... Continue Reading →

African-American Woman, Mom, Wife, Military Nurse- Success With Wanda Parks

An entrepreneur, wealth and wellness coach, Wanda Parks is living her life to the fullest. As a Registered Nurse, Mrs. Parks is passionate about transforming people lives by teaching and coaching in spirituality; physical, mental, and social well-being, and financial wealth. Wanda is superwoman. She’s a wife, mom, grandmother, career coach, and a military nurse.... Continue Reading →

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