Should You Get A Push Gift?- #QOTD

When I had our son, my ex-husband gave me a pair of princess cut diamond earrings. He said that it was for having his first born child, which also happened to be a son (which we both wanted). I had never heard of receiving a gift from a man for having his child, but soon after, I read about Push Gifts.

Men are giving the mother of their children expensive gifts to show appreciation for having their baby. Personally, I think that it is a novel idea. Just a token that shows appreciation for the fact that as a women, I shared a body with another human being for almost a year. For me, it was a wonderful gesture because it was unexpected and seemed to be a real token of appreciation for the fact that my body was stretched out of proportion and I was a raging, hormonally imbalanced, pain in the ass for months.

How many of you have received a push gift?

For the men- how many of you have given a push gift?
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