CLS Featured Blog Post- I’m In Love With A Married Man, Part One

~”Yet, I had no idea that so much more would be in store for me – like falling in love with a married man.”

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*This blog feature has names changed to protect the image and identity of the writer and those involved.

Okay, where should I start?  I’ll set the stage a little bit so you know who and where I was in my life before I met *Devon.  I was a recently separated woman after being married for 15 years.  After months of soul searching, counseling, yoga, and meditation, I decided to end my marriage with my high school sweetheart.  During that time after my divorce, I was in such a great place mentally, physically and emotionally .  I was enjoying my new life and my freedom.  My biggest priority at this time was maintaining my current state of mind and making sure my kids were okay.  I was doing this successfully for about six months.  The changing point came when I had an emotional breakdown after climaxing with my toy.  I knew in that moment that I was missing physical touch.  The toy was not enough.  Damn!  Okay, so I committed to finding someone that could give me the affection that I was missing.  I just didn’t want the relationship. Just some great, mind blowing sex.  And it didn’t take long for that to happen.  After a month, I had a few regular men that I could call to hook me up. It really wasn’t in my character to be out there like this.  I was faithful during my marriage and never thought to stray away.  But I was in a different place now. I was feeling a great sense of freedom, especially sexual freedom.

Within this time period I had been eyeing this fine man’s photos on Facebook.  I was being nosy looking at pictures of some of my friends’ Facebook friends.  Well, I will never forget the first day that I saw his picture.  My first thought, “He could get it”. There was something about him.  His eyes, his lips, everything. Off and on for the next couple of months, I would go back and check him out on his page, not thinking anything of it.  I was just enjoying the eye candy.  Well, out of the blue, he inboxed me on Facebook.  I couldn’t believe it!  Okay, it was on now.  We flirted a bit then set up an evening to meet.

The evening had come for us to meet. I was ready but not ready for what I was about to experience.  He was already seated when I arrived at Dugan’s, a local bar and grill. He had text me his location inside and I immediately spotted him when I entered the building.  When I approached him at the table we hugged each other.  I sat down, ordered a drink and we began to get to know each other.  He was very forthcoming about being married.  I already knew he was before we sat down that evening.  I had done a little homework.  But it was cool with me.  I didn’t want him as my man.  I was just enjoying my life.  What was wild about this evening is that it seemed a bit cosmic.  The more we talked the more it seemed like our souls were connecting.  Our hands met under the table and we caressed each others finger tips.  At one point, our faces were so close in proximity that our noses were lightly touching.  Shit was crazy.  It was as if we were the only two people in the room.  I had blocked out all outside distractions and noise.  But there was a lot of quiet noise happening between the two of us.  We had our first official kiss at my car and that was amazing.

So, as we ended our first meeting (after that bomb ass kiss session), we decided we would meet each other the following week at one of his favorite hangout spots.  A week seemed so far away though.  The anticipation got to me that week, so I shot him a text asking him if we were going to be able to make it a week.  He agreed that it would be too long.  So we decided to meet the next night.  I wore a cute red dress with no panties and met him downtown.  We had a couple drinks and enjoyed some live music.  We didn’t talk much this evening.  No talking was necessary.  We were enjoying each others’ presence.  That’s all that seemed to matter.  We were both ready for the night to end but not to go home quite yet.  He walked me to my car.  We couldn’t stop kissing.  The energy was too strong.  We wanted each other so badly.  I couldn’t hold out any longer. Neither one of us could.

I was not concerned about whether he was married or not.  I was more concerned about exploring my newfound sexual freedom. Yet, I had no idea that so much more would be in store for me – like falling in love with a married man.

Part Two 

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