Should you have a baby shower for each child? #QOTD

This conversation came up in a  Facebook group that I am in. I have two children and I had a baby shower for each. For my oldest, the shower came before birth and we received many great gifts to help prepare for his arrival. For the youngest, we had the shower two months after she was born. I was a high risk pregnancy and wanted to focus on getting her here safely and not the stress of party planning. Plus we wanted a celebration of life more where friends and family could come in to town and meet the baby. Several people were ‘concerned’ because I did not do a shower ahead of time. My thought was that if family or friends wanted to purchase a gift for prior to her arrival, we did not need a baby shower in order for them to do so. At the shower, we received plenty of Pampers in varying sizes  (a God-send and enough to last us for four months), clothing, and all of those miscellaneous baby items that you need but don’t think about.

For me, a baby shower should celebrate life. It is great to receive gifts, but I’ve never thrown a shower with the expectation that people were bringing gifts or with the gifts being the focus.  And I believe in having a shower for each baby. Yet in the thread on Facebook, there were women who were irate over the fact that other women were having a shower for each child. The thought was that the mother was selfish for thinking that people would give gifts for more than one child. And there were even some who suggested that if your children were within 2-5 years apart, there should not be a shower for each child and that instead, you should just reuse all of the gifts from the first child for the second.

Parenting is such a touchy subject, and everyone has the right to their own opinions. But this topic had be intrigued.



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