An Evening of Real Talk: Let’s Be Real

Last Sunday CLS blogger, Hilda, attended Let’s Be Real: An Authentic Experience for Women. Francheska “Fancy” Felder, Owner & Publisher of SwagHer Magazine, and  Que Johnson, CEO/hostess of The Purple Girl Show, collaborated and brought together some amazing entrepreneurs to share tips and inspirational stories to budding entrepreneurs.

Fancy and Que

Both Fancy and Que are passionate about sharing success strategies and tips to individuals that are working toward their personal dreams and goals.  Fancy prides herself in being an authentic business woman.  She is grateful for every opportunity that she has been afforded and keeps a gratitude journal to remind her of those opportunities.  Que highlighted her struggles getting started with her business, especially the first couple of  years.  Ultimately, it is essential to dig deeper in an effort to grow professionally.


The panel of entrepreneurs offered success strategies and inspirational stories while being transparent and keeping it real. All of the women gave some great advice on what it means to be a hard working entrepreneur.

T Marie, syndicated radio show host, was the panel moderator for the event.  Her amazing energy and spirit set the tone for some great discussion and “real talk”.  Although she was in the role of moderator, she had some great advice to offer as well.  She reminded us that success is a forward motion and that where you are in this moment is not where you are going to stay.  Be consistent and success will follow. image

Cashe Royal highlighted the difficulty she has experienced in connecting with others due to the lack of authenticity among other entrepreneurs.  Despite this reality, Cashe stays true to her authenticity through self expression and her ability to share her own story and willingness to put her best foot forward in her work.  Cashe said that sometimes you have to pack up and leave your comfort zone in order to explore new opportunities.  She cautions entrepreneurs to avoid taking advice from those that have not gone where you want to go.

Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Cashe Royal, reminds entrepreneurs to “channel your own swag”

Media Professional, Lindsey Walker, of PR Mentality shared some great advice about what it means to be a successful and reputable PR professional.  When looking for a PR professional find out where their clients have been featured.  Are they reputable sources?  Just because someone take a picture with a celebrity does not make someone a reputable PR professional.  She cautions individuals to do their homework to avoid being blindsided by non-reputable “professionals”.  To keep focused, pray and ask for guidance.  Believe in your own vision and keep striving to make your dream a reality.

Lindsey Walker or PR Mentality

Celebrity hairstylist, Lamecia King, said that it is important to keep going even when you don’t want to.  Other people may not see your vision.  It is vital to avoid giving up.  She did not sugar coat the fact that entrepreneurship is hard work.  You must grind every day.  image

Makeup designer, Nikki Allure, reminds entrepreneurs to connect to the passion of their work.  She said that whatever you decide to do to make sure that you are passionate about it.  One must be a person of integrity and do what they say they are going to do to be successful in their industry.


This event was truly inspirational and empowering.  The honesty of the panel provided attendees an opportunity to connect, reflect, and grow.

Be sure to follow Fancy on IG at @swaghermagazine.  Follow Que on IG at @purplegirlshow.



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