Happy Birthday to CLS!

  Last year when I started the blog, I was preparing to go through a divorce. I had just truly become a single mother and was starting to acknowledge and accept that the life I thought I had was not real. After agonizing and sitting on all of it all alone, I called a few … Continue reading Happy Birthday to CLS!

Can You Stand The Rain?

I have so many women (people in general) who come to me for coaching to figure out how to get through hard times and stress. We all need a little help every now and then. And if you haven't had any hard times, I salute you. One thing that always happens is, we ask why, … Continue reading Can You Stand The Rain?

Love Don’t Love You

February. It's still the beginning of the year. We just finished setting resolutions. Now we are supposed to spend a lot of money to tell someone I love you. The concept of love is already abstract enough. No one person loves the same. There are countless books written on the art of love, how to … Continue reading Love Don’t Love You

In the City: I Love Pho

Some years ago, while working at the CDC, my coworkers were always boasting about the great restaurants on Buford Highway. This area is well known for many international food options to enjoy.  The first time I took someone's advice to try a restaurant on Buford Highway, I was not impressed. The health department score was … Continue reading In the City: I Love Pho

In The City- The Flying Biscuit

I've been to The Flying Biscuit a bunch of times. Hilda and I both happened to have a day off a few weeks ago and decided to grab something to eat and go thrift shopping- which is one of the things we love to do. Instead of going to the city, we decided to stick … Continue reading In The City- The Flying Biscuit

Beauties and Books: An Evening with Stacey Covington-Lee

"We shared stories that demonstrated the strength and courage of women that learn from¬† experiences of the past and forge their own path." Saturday night was an amazing evening full of adult conversation and fun!¬† Several ladies gathered at B. Fulton's Beauty Lounge to meet author, Stacey Covington-Lee and get a sneak peek into some … Continue reading Beauties and Books: An Evening with Stacey Covington-Lee

Join Team CLS for Holiday Fun and Fitness

If you are looking for some fun and fitness to rev up the holiday season, consider joining CLS writers in December for the Ugly Sweater Run. Grab the ugliest holiday sweater you can find and walk or run your way to the finish line. We have created a team called Caramel Lattes and Stilettos for Runner Registration … Continue reading Join Team CLS for Holiday Fun and Fitness

It’s Been Six Months Already…..

Confession: I started CLS in the midst of a lot of change in my life. My marriage was ending, I was suddenly a single mother of two kids with challenges, and I had minimal support. I had to quickly figure out everything on my own. It was not at all where I expected to be … Continue reading It’s Been Six Months Already…..

The Aces Tour Comes To Atlanta!

The Aces Tour Atlanta event is on October 1 and tickets are $10 off today only! 75 women in Atlanta working in Fashion, Entertainment, Music, and Media will be able to experience The Aces Tour event with celeb guest speaker, entertainer/actress @TheBSimone2. Offering a red carpet experience, media interviews, cocktails, appetizers, & a room full … Continue reading The Aces Tour Comes To Atlanta!

Feminine Empowerment- The Aces Tour

    We are excited to partner with Carina Glover, owner of Chiffon Events and creator of The Aces Tour! When dynamic women come our way, we at CLS blog are always happy to collaborate. CLS will be part of the Atlanta leg of the Aces Tour. We will be there hosting red carpet interviews … Continue reading Feminine Empowerment- The Aces Tour