"As I get older, I am realizing relationships that don't encourage me are not necessary for me and my WORLD."   Have you ever met someone that you know deep down this isn't going anywhere, but_______ . Insert whatever it is that keeps you in it. If this is you, raise your hand proud and let's begin to... Continue Reading →

The Aces Tour Comes To Atlanta!

The Aces Tour Atlanta event is on October 1 and tickets are $10 off today only! 75 women in Atlanta working in Fashion, Entertainment, Music, and Media will be able to experience The Aces Tour event with celeb guest speaker, entertainer/actress @TheBSimone2. Offering a red carpet experience, media interviews, cocktails, appetizers, & a room full... Continue Reading →

F$#king with Intentionality: How infertility both disrupted and clarified my sex life

"Trying" to conceive is a conundrum.  How do you "try" to f#ck?  Well, put it in those terms, one doesn’t need to try, right?  "F$#king" denotes a sort of ease, no effort, a phenomenon that comes naturally, hence the various contexts that we say, "F%ck you!"  There are countless ways to communicate the mechanics that... Continue Reading →

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