Meet Our Newest Family Member….Dawn

My original vision with this blog was to reach women everywhere with positive messages and to also give a platform to other women to feel that they had a place where they could speak out, inform, vent, and purge when it comes to all of the things that women deal with in life.

This vision has come to light and has been such a blessing not only for the women who are writers for CLS but for me as well. I get the awesome opportunity to work with women who are intelligent, beautiful, and so very interesting.

I hope that you enjoy the messages, the thoughts, and the voices here at CLS.


With that said, meet Dawn- our newest addition to CLS. She has an amazing voice and I look forward to all that she has to say coming up!


CLS pic- Dawn W

Dawn is a Chicago native who holds down a day job, two brilliant Black boys, and a marriage of 15 years to her writer/feminist husband.  When she’s not trying to catch up on sleep, she writes about race, class, gender, and representation in the media to the sounds of Prince on her ever expanding playlist.

Follow Dawn on Twitter @washingdawn

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