It’s all about that Apple! – 5 things I discovered about myself hanging out at County Line Orchard

  1. Picking apples off trees makes me feel peaceful.

Stretching for that one apple that had the right glow, pigment, and seem to be the strength of the branch was not only rewarding but helped me to know that a prize possession isn’t necessarily human. It can be a piece of fruit not tainted with shine and any other unnatural treatments.


  1. I got this real earthy and exuberant feel in my soul.


Walking down the rows felt free. I was able to go at my own pace without concern for a cart clipping my ankles or dodging a rushed shopper. My steps were offbeat and freely grasping the earth without a care.

  1. Conversations are easy and fun.

My family and I laughed about the silliest things as if the world of bickering about politics, religion, and race didn’t exist. We escaped and enjoyed the peacefulness of the rows that seemed to never end. Apples were our focal point. It was all about the sweetness, bitter, and a mix of the two.


  1. Life felt calm during the visit.

Breathing the crisp breeze. Life was unassuming and simple for a moment. I escaped the blaring noise of police cars, ambulances, frustrated and impatient drivers leaning on car horns.

  1. I suddenly wasn’t afraid of bees.

Well, I hate bees.  They are pesky and persistent. On this day, they were busy bothering the apples that didn’t survive the trees. I had no worries about being stung that day as I refrained from sweet lotions, perfumes, and essential oils they love to gather around.

Visit County Line Orchard in Hobart, Indiana for fun with family and friends!!

Check out the website here:  County Line Orchard

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