Guilt Free Mommy Getaway: My Trip to the Bahamas

“And the bottom line is that I need and deserve every ounce of pleasure on these getaways.”

The wind was a bit gusty

The past few months have been a perfect balance of what I want my life to be be like- lots of work and play. I work hard for my kiddos so that they have what they need so I have had no sentiment of guilt accompany me on the past couple of trips I’ve had.  And the bottom line is that I need and deserve every ounce of pleasure on these getaways.  

Enjoying the kid free area of the ship

It is so critical for busy moms to take time to getaway from daily responsibilities.  I am so grateful that I have gotten to a place in my life in which I can take these types of trips.  Years ago, as a young mom, I was not taking these types of trips. One reason why was due to lack of funds.  The other reason was that I would not think much about getting away. Since my life revolved around what others needed, I didn’t think much about myself as I do now.   

This trip has got to be one of the most memorable trips that I have had in a long time.  I had to take Megabus down to Orlando and ended up sitting next to some dope head high on something.  Around 3 AM I awoke to see him licking the seat in front of him. I grabbed my things and moved when he made his way to lick the seat in front of me. What. The. Fuck! Never again will I take an overnight bus to any destination. I mean NEVER!  The damn creepers come out. I was so glad to arrive to Orlando to meet my girlfriend the next morning so the fun can begin. 

The one thing that I love about cruising is that there is so much to do in one place.  We ate, drank, danced, laughed, relaxed, worked out, and enjoyed the sun and beautiful views.  

Posing outside my cabin

While in the Bahamas we did a little shopping for souvenirs and went to the beach later that afternoon. The rough waves swept my sandals away. It was the funniest shit ever trying to get them. My cousin ended up finding one. The other washed back up on its own at some point during our photo shoot. This is  just one example of how much fun we had on this trip. I made new friends, got a chance to get a break from mommy duties and rejuvenate myself for entry back into the real world of work, extracurricular activities, college visits, homework, projects, etc., etc., etc. 

We took this after my sandals washed away LOL


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  1. It is great to get away and have fun. I keeps you going when you come back to reality (lol). We all need a break from life routines, let your hair down as they use to say. I am happy for you, my daughter, We all need to get away. I planning my trip now also, You are so beautiful in all your pictures, I love you


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