A Super Sexy, Sultry artist: Brian McKnight is still relevant after a couple decades in the music game!!

A few weeks ago, I got an alert from City Winery-Chicago that Brian McKnight  was gracing the stage in an intimate solo performance. In that moment, my movements were fluid and without regret. As I slammed the keys on my computer, I reminisced in my mind about the last time I saw him in concert.

It was a beautiful summer night and a perfect sky. The music flowed in the wind with ease. The sounds were crisp.That night, we enjoyed some of the best love song singers and song writers in the soulful and R&B genres.


My sister, Vivian and I were at Northerly Island in Chicago. Gerald Levert sang that night too. It was the last time we saw  Gerald Levert live in concert. Insert <sad face>.

From sharing very private stories to singing and blessing his instruments, Brian McKnight thrived on the audience energy. He gave his all to a jammed and packed audience. We got a taste of a new smash single titled, “Everything.” The song is EVERYthing! True love flowing through the words.

Check it out here on City Winery’s website:  City Winery- Brian McKnight

Sexy and sultry, Brian McKnight teased the ladies with pelvic thrusts, bold flirting and playful swooning. We enjoyed every moment of it. Early on, he told the audience the jam session will be interactive and fun. So we sang and laughed with Mr. McKnight. I have to admit; I didn’t know he was so funny. Small and intimate venues make moments like this exude a feeling of authenticity. We enjoyed. No regrets.



We were treated to some old favorites. My night was complete when he sang two of my personal favorites, “Crazy Love” and “Anytime.”

Mr. McKnight gave us a trip down memory lane with his rendition of artists gone too soon. Prince and Michael Jackson took a seat from beyond the sky.

If you don’t fear getting cozy with strangers, City Winery in Chicago is a perfect venue for live music with generous and famous artists. Brian McKnight gave his heart and soul to us. It felt like we were chilling in the living room with a talented family member.

Cheers to nearly 30 years of super amazing R&B, Soul, and Quiet Storm!

Thanks Mr. Brian McKnight!!

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