Healing Through Words

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Cierra Arnold was indeed “on her own,” coping with the inevitable practical issues and, more important, with the profoundly emotional ones. What to do, how to react, reaching out again into the world—struggling to create a new reality for herself while clinging to memories of the past. Her focus is on her own roller-coaster experiences, which work to expose the reader to a remarkable range of reactions to the reclaiming of her life. Her book—as practical as it is inspiring—will be a help and a comfort to others, and a beacon of hope about the possibilities that remain to us as we deal with our own ups and downs of our reality.

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This book is awesome!!!! It captivated me from the first page. The author dug dig in her soul & wrote the unedited feelings that most women have but wouldn’t dare to admit. My only complaint is I wanted to read more. With the abundance of authors out there that just throw words on a page, it’s tough to find a book that speaks to you and leaves you wanting more….Bravo! Bravo! Can’t wait for the next book..

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