In The City- The Flying Biscuit

I’ve been to The Flying Biscuit a bunch of times. Hilda and I both happened to have a day off a few weeks ago and decided to grab something to eat and go thrift shopping- which is one of the things we love to do.

Instead of going to the city, we decided to stick to the suburbs. And we found out that there was a Flying Biscuit in Johns Creek.

By the time I arrived, Hilda had already been sitting at the bar talking with Gordo, the manager.


Gordo was a sweetheart. It was a slow Thursday afternoon, and that meant that we got major attention by the staff and we soaked it all in.

Normally when I go to Flying Biscuit, I get the famous biscuits and the meatloaf. But this time, I went for breakfast, and well, I also got the fried macaroni and cheese.


I hadn’t had pancakes that perfect since my grandfather cooked them for me as a kid. They were soft in the middle and crispy around the edges. My latte was perfection as well and the grilled macaroni and cheese? Heaven.

Hilda had a turkey burger, which is another one of my favorites.


The food was so good, we had to ask to meet the cook, who was a sweetheart as well. It’s nice to have a neighborhood spot with great food that you can frequent and not have to go to the city.

We will definitely be going back, for the good food and to hang out with Gordo.


Visit The Flying Biscuit Johns Creek

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