Christmas in Savannah


This year, I decided that the holidays would be spent very differently than what I am traditionally used to.  For the Thanksgiving holiday, I spent time relaxing poolside in Orlando with family.  I was not interested in slaving in the kitchen and then begging my kiddos to help clean up afterward.  So, it worked out perfectly that I was able to join my extended family on a wonderful mini-vacation.
After having this amazing experience, Tamara and I set out to do something similar, but in a different city.  We set our minds on Savannah and made it happen.

Our first full day there was on Christmas Eve.  We set out for a day of adventure.  We got lost exploring the historic district while taking pictures of our surroundings.  There were so many amazing images to capture.

Pure deliciousness!

We discovered a great local bakery called Back in the Day Bakery that makes bomb ass grilled cheese sandwiches. The bread is baked fresh every day there.  And that is what made the sandwich so delicious.

View from the top of the Bohemian Hotel

Later that day we found a rooftop bar at the Bohemian Hotel. I LOVE rootop bars! Mainly because of the amazing views.  We stopped here at an ideal time as the sun was preparing to set.

At this point, I was getting hungry again (the grilled cheese sandwich was quite filling). So, we stopped at Bayou Cafe.  We got there a little to early for the live music which is always a plus when dining out.  I hate that we missed that but we wore ourselves out from the adventures of the day and were ready to get our temporary home and crash.

View of the Talmadge Memorial Bridge from River Street

On Christmas Day, it was quite interesting trying to find places open for business.  We hung around the historic district until 1 PM, when restaurants began to open for the day.    The rest of the day we spent being lazy, but as moms, we totally deserved every minute of it.

Christmas Dinner at Moon River Brewing Company


On our last day,we enjoyed a museum tour of the Harper Fowlkes House and more exploring.  This time we hung around the City Market area.  Did a little browsing in the shops there, got a bite to eat and took a bunch of pictures.  We are professional photographers now. LOL


Capture of a chocolate shop in the historic district


Overall, we had a blast and accomplished our goal of doing something different for Christmas.  We were amazed at the number of people that were doing the same thing.  Which is VERY cool!




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