In The City – Augusta, GA

I have never had a reason to travel to Augusta, Georgia before last weekend.  Besides a good friend moving there a few years ago, there was no other reason why I would make my way 2 hours east to get away from city life.

However, last weekend, my 12 year old was competing in a basketball tournament at a local private school. This event brought young basketball players together for a weekend of basketball competition in Augusta, Georgia!!

So, despite the full schedule, I wanted to try to see if I could find something fun to do with the kiddos in the area since we had a lot of time to kill between the morning and evening game.  And since I had never been to Augusta, I wanted to explore a little bit.  So, I did a quick google search – “Things to do in Augusta, GA”.  The first thing that came up was the Riverwalk. Perfect.  I put in the address and headed that way.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty and appeal of this attraction as it runs alongside the Savannah River.  (I love being near water!)  During the year,  a variety of events are held there and it is a perfect place for great pictures and ceremonies.  We took advantage of the opportunity to take pictures and had our own little photo shoot.  It was too fun!

The boys brought their basketball and tossed it around a little bit.  People were running, biking, and pushing babies in strollers.  I saw a couple running the stairs, getting their workout on.  I can tell that it is a popular place for residents from the area.

After we finished hanging around and snapping pics, the kids were famished, so I had to find a some place to eat.  I checked the Yelp app and saw that Sports Center had high ratings and was reasonably priced.  I was in!  We all like burgers and fries, their specialty.

We were welcomed when we arrived and told to sit anywhere we liked.  The boys immediately spotted the pool tables and wanted to play.  I gave them a couple dollars and let them get started while waiting to order their burgers.

The food was great!  The burgers were juicy and the fries were perfect.  We all took half of our burgers back with us to the hotel.  They were so big, we couldn’t eat the whole thing at once.

Who would have known that Augusta had some hidden gems in a city that I knew nothing much about.  My son loved the restaurant so much he was talking about going back before we even left.  That says a lot!


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