Why I Will Neva, Eva Spend Hours in a Hair Salon Again. Eva!

“So, the “me time” that we thought we were going to get turned out to be of low or poor quality.  A total waste of time really.”

So, my sister was on her way to visit me last week and she didn’t have time to make a hair appointment or know where to go, so she asked me to take care of it for her.  “Sure, not a problem!”, I said.  So, I called up the salon where my stylist works and made the appointment for her.

Fast forward to the day of her appointment.  I am sitting down at lunch with coworkers and I see a text from her.  She sends me a before pic and a text saying “This place is nice!!”.  I’m thinking, “Uh, I know”.

My sister’s “before the cut” selfie
Later on that day we were chatting about her experience at the salon.  Yes, it was an experience.  A getaway of sorts that allowed her to replenish her mind, body and soul. She changed her shirt and put on a special smock.  Was served water that was refilled, as needed.  She was the only person in the stylists chair for the entire length of service.  She had stimulating conversation with the stylist.

The more we talked the more we reflected about how different these types of experiences compared to those we encountered not too long ago in salons where we waited countless hours to begin or complete services. We rarely left the salon feeling more relaxed than we arrived.  If anything, the frustration that we experienced while being at the salon likely required us to need another form of relaxation later but since we were likely returning home to care for our families that was not likely.  So, the “me time” that we thought we were going to get turned out to be of low or poor quality.  A total waste of time really.

It’s just not worth it!

For me, that was one of the reasons that I stopped going to hair salons for a long time.  I just did not feel that my time was being valued or respected.  Today, I would rather spend three times more money to have hair services completed and know that I can have one-on-one attention and be out of the salon in a reasonable time frame.

If you do not respect or value my time, you will not get my money.  Period.  So, I will spend my money where my time is valued and respected.  Even if it means spending more money.

I really wish more women would get to a place where this attitude and behavior is more the norm.  While I empathize with some women who are “over it” when it comes to how they feel their stylists are treating them, I also recognize that they have a choice where they spend your money.  You are not a victim in the situation. If you do not like waiting hours to get your hair done with that stylist, then change stylists or salons.  To me, it is just that simple.  Especially, if you live in a city like Atlanta.  You can dump a stylist one day and find a new one the next with no problem and be totally satisfied.

My daughter is learning early to enjoy positive hair salon experiences
Bottom line, we all have a choice.  My choice is to choose experiences that reflect how I value myself.

So, if you are looking for an awesome experience, make your next hair appointment with Dee at Jade Salon in Smyrna.  You won’t be disappointed!

Jade Salon/404-488-7150/http://www.japanesethermalrelaxer.com/ 


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