Memorial Day Weekend – House Music in Chicago


Dancing to House Music reminds me of days of feeling free and happy to be me. From beat to beat, my worries about career, love, and life obstacles fell below my feet. Life is music to my ears.


On Sunday, May 28th I visited Promontory-Chicago, a restaurant and music venue in Hyde Park, on the south side of Chicago.  I heard a lot about this place.  As the long Memorial Day weekend rapidly approached, I desperately wanted to check out a venue that was hosting House Music in Chicago. I wanted to go to an intimate setting, where people weren’t afraid to gather and be close.

Promontory is a great location.  Not too far south.  Not too far north. It’s in a neighborhood that’s diverse and easy to navigate. The Promontory is perfect for a night out in the city for good food, drinks, and entertainment.

Big shout out to bang music by Terry Hunter & Greg Winfield with special guest Mike Dunn, and body: DJ Tyn Man. The “Freedom isn’t free” show was awesome and spirit lifting. From the moment the DJ and the crew hit the stage, the crowd exploded into free-flowing dance. We were grooving to some old school sound that took us back to the days of crowding in clubs to let loose.


The atmosphere was a perfect balance of calm and energy. The crowd rested in the ease of the music, embraced long runs of sound, lyrics, and beats that make House Music rewarding to experience.

For those who somehow missed the era of House Music or simply don’t get it. Here’s a brief breakdown of House Music:

  • It’s a genre of electronic music
  • Created by DJs and music producers in Chicago
  • Originated in the 80’s
  • Was pioneered by figures such as Frankie Knuckles and Mr. Fingers
  • As of 2016, House Music remains popular in both clubs and in the mainstream
  • The term “house music” is said to have originated from a Chicago club called, The Warehouse and other underground clubs in Chicago
  • There is more…

Check out this Frankie Knuckles clip:

Frankie Knuckles

Check out this Mr. Fingers clip:

Mr. Fingers

It’s the season of music, fun, and good food in Chicago.  Take the time to breathe, kick it with friends and family in your favorite spots in the city. Take pictures, share on your social media pages, and most importantly support local artists, DJ’s around town, and food geniuses; rather it’s north, south or somewhere in between.



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