In The City: Hitch Restaurant

During one of our work trips last year, we passed by a restaurant called Treylor Park.  Patrons were exiting the restaurant and at the same time I was commenting on how it looks like a great place to try for dinner.  At that time, the people leaving began to rave about how good the food was.  It was at that point that I decided that I must try it out.

Well, I never made it Treylor Park, but recently had a chance to sit down and enjoy dinner at the sister restaurant, Hitch.

What makes this restaurant so different are the unique menu items.  From avocado fries to PB&J wings, fried oyster burritos to chicken pancakes.  This was definitely an experience to remember.  Beware though, the flavor combinations are different so enjoy this experience with an open mind.  For those of you that don’t like to explore, do not come here super hungry..IJS.  It’s different.

So, everyone decided to try something new on the night we.  I ordered the avocado fries.  Anthony order the PB&J wings.  Amanda ordered the chicken pancake.  All very unique menu items.

Avocado Fries

We weren’t jumping up and down with excitement over our selections, however, it was a great experience.

PB&J Wings: Best enjoyed hot

I definitely want to go back and try some other menu items.  While some people may fall in love with the ones we chose, we did not.  But that is okay 🙂

Chicken Pancake

Either way, if you are in Savannah, check out either of these restaurants.  It was an overall great experience worth repeating.

Hitch is located in Savannah’s historic district.  Visit their website at to explore their menu and get to know the restaurant some more.



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