In the City: Braum’s Ice Cream & Burger Restaurant 

A couple weeks ago, I dropped my second-born off in Kansas for college. In an effort to make the best of the long road trip, I tried to make an experience out of it.

That meant that our dinner stop on the ride back to Atlanta needed to be unique. No fast food chains. Something local.

Well, lucky for us, about the time we were ready to stop for dinner we were close to an exit that had a unique option for us to try.  I saw the sign for Braum’s and decided to see what it was like.

It turned out to be a perfect!  So, Braum’s is a restaurant that is also a market and ice cream shop – all in one place.  Braum’s creamery is located not too far from where we were in Sallisaw, OK.  The market housed various dairy products from the farm as well as some basic grocery items that you would find in any small market.

They boast selling burgers that are 100% beef and made with real cheese.  Gotta love real cheese (not cheese product)!


We decided to have a burger and fries to start off. Then have ice cream afterwards.  The kids loved that idea.


My son enjoyed every bit of his ice cream lol


We were all pleased with the taste of the burgers and fries.  The quality of the ingredients was definitely worth boasting about.  And the ice cream!  OMG! It was amazing! Super fresh and creamy.  Just how I like ice cream.  Yum!!


Overall, this dinner stop turned out to be a win!

Braum’s restaurants are located throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Missouri.  If you are ever passing through any of these states, you have got to try it.  It is a treat!


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