African-American Woman, Mom, Wife, Military Nurse- Success With Wanda Parks

An entrepreneur, wealth and wellness coach, Wanda Parks is living her life to the fullest. As a Registered Nurse, Mrs. Parks is passionate about transforming people lives by teaching and coaching in spirituality; physical, mental, and social well-being, and financial wealth. Wanda is superwoman. She’s a wife, mom, grandmother, career coach, and a military nurse.... Continue Reading →

CLS Exclusive- The Punany Poets

This weekend, we are invited to attend Jessica Holter's Punany Poets here in Atlanta.   The shows explore romance, relationships, and love in an intimate setting. Always ready to talk about the things that are on women's minds, CLS is ready to come out and attend this epic show! We're going to be doing a... Continue Reading →

Her Husband

I had unfairly taken something that was not lawfully mine. As I entrapped him as my own and did not care about her, his wife’s feelings. As I robbed her of her opportunity to fight for what was rightfully hers. I never challenged myself long enough to give a damn about the family that I... Continue Reading →


Every week, Thursdays to be exact we purposely tune in to watch the degradation of family. We intentionally watch nation  wide as families are destroyed. Let me be specific and get down to the nitty-gritty. I am talking about the widely popular ABC show, Scandal. The whole "scandal" has been Olivia Pope sleeping with the... Continue Reading →

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