What Should’ve Been Mine ~ Short Story

“Kenya, I can’t thank you enough for watching the kids. I was really in a pinch, but like the amazing sister you are, you’ve come through once again.”

Kenya watched her big sister rush around her bedroom gathering and packing things for her last minute business trip. She watched with both admiration and jealousy. She admired Charlese for her work ethic and the way she clawed her way to the top and became the first female partner at Alexandria, Virginia’s most prominent law firm. She admired her for how well she took care of her body, for always looking fierce, for being a great mother, and for snagging Omar, one of the top NBA players in the league. These were also the reasons that she was green with envy. Charlese had everything that Kenya ever wanted. Hell, she had everything that every woman wanted.

“Did you hear me, Kenya?” Charlese snapped her fingers in an attempt to re-capture her sister’s attention.

“Yes, I hear you. I’ll be at the school for the kids at 2:30. I’ll feed them, bathe them, help them with their homework, and by the time Omar gets home at 10:00, they will have been asleep for an hour,” Kenya huffed.

“Dang, I’m sorry. I just wanted to make sure that we were on the same page. Clearly we are and I won’t annoy you anymore. But I will thank you again, you are a real life saver.” The knock at the door signified that the driver had arrived. Charlese grabbed her purse and suitcase and headed for the door. Before walking out, she gave Kenya one last hug. “I love you, sis.”

Just as she’d promised, Kenya picked up the kids and did everything for them that she was supposed to. But as soon as they were sound asleep, she began to implement a new plan of action. She rummaged through Charlese’s lingerie closet until she found a negligée that would adequately cover her ample bosom, tiny waist, and supersized bottom. She sprayed on her sister’s perfume and smeared on some of her lipstick. Everyone knows that Kenya had met Omar first and wanted him for herself. Now it’s time for her to claim what should’ve been hers all along. Kenya saw the headlights turn into the driveway and hurried to position herself in bed for Omar. As she laid in wait for his entrance into the room, she thought that after one night of her love, there was no way that Omar would return to what she’d imagined was a monotonous love life with Charlese.

The bedroom door opened and in the dark of the night, Kenya whispered, “I’m all yours, Omar. I’m here to fulfill your every fantasy. This is our chance to finally be together.”

She watched as his dark figure removed the belt from his waistband. As he approached the bed, he raised his hand and Kenya screamed in agony as the black leather belt was brought down across her bare legs. Then there was another hit, another, and another. It wasn’t until Kenya wiggled her big, screaming butt onto the floor that the lights came on and revealed that it was her father whipping her ass.

“I came over here to relieve you because Omar’s flight home got delayed and this is what I find? You all laid up in your sister’s bed waiting to seduce her husband! I know we raised you better,” he screamed.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I didn’t know you were coming over here. I’m sorry,” Kenya cried.

“You damn right you’re sorry. Now get your big ass up and go home.”

Kenya hurried and gathered her things, dashed down the stairs and out the door. Her father shook his head in disbelief as he thought to himself, this girl is twenty-five years old and I’m still whipping her ass for trying to take what she thinks should’ve been hers.

Stacey Covington-Lee is the author of several novels, all of which are available @ http://www.amazon.com/author/staceycovingtonlee

Follow Stacey on IG @ SCovingtonLee & Twitter @CovingtonLee

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