Relationship Roundtable- We Aren’t Sexually Compatible

I’ve been dating a man and he is wonderful. He’s kind, attentive, and everything that I’ve been looking for in a man. The problem is I don’t feel like we are sexually compatible. He’s not as adventurous and does not do all of the things that I would like him to do. I’ve talked to him about it and he still doesn’t seem comfortable exploring. We’ve been dating about two years and I would completely marry him if the sex was better. Should I stay with him despite the boring sex life?

From the Male POV ~ CJ

You have a real problem on your hands… And that problem is you. It’s ridiculous to say how wonderful he is and then lob off 3 different things as to YOUR problems with this “wonderful” man. You’d rather focus on the 10% that’s wrong instead of the 90% that’s right. Unfortunately, this is a pattern in most relationships – people focus on the 10% instead of valuing the overall relationship. Then they leave for good sex, then find the good sex and end up with herpes. If he’s not comfortable doing those things then accept that and stop trying to make him what YOU think he should be. He doesn’t owe you anything so you should value what he does instead of knocking him for what he doesn’t do. Since boring sex is a deal breaker then I suggest you leave so that you can find good sex. If that’s not what you want, then appreciate the fact that you have someone wonderful in your life because NO MAN is going to be EVERYTHING you want and need. And if you think a man should be everything you want and need then you’re not ready for an adult relationship and should continue watching Disney movies until you increase your EQ (google it)
P.S. IF (by any chance) you’re still thinking about the “adventurous” sex you used to have with another guy then you need to let that go and stop wishing THIS guy would do what some other guy did.
P.P.S. The grass isn’t greener on the other side… so don’t be stupid. Value what you have.

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