Click here for the audio interview Atlanta Architect/Author, R.L. Byrd returns with continued discussions of love and life in his newest fictional release Black Coffee.  Black Coffee introduces the readers to six men,The Brothers Forum, to offer female readers a rare peek into the psyche of their male counterparts.  Black Coffee also wakes up social advocacy by delving into discussion of... Continue Reading →

The Reality Of Real Friendship

~"My sister circle is small, but it is mighty." In today’s world of reality T.V. one could easily believe that the purpose of having friends is to have someone to fight with. The stars of these shows are smiling and happy one minute and trying to snatch one another’s wigs off the next. Is this... Continue Reading →

The Secret to My Sanity ~ Why This Married Woman Needs Time Alone

~"My husband didn’t always get this concept of alone time. Like my family, he didn’t understand my need to disconnect."   Imagine living in a large family home with your parents, five brothers and sisters, grandparents and a seemingly constant stream of company. Whether it's friends hanging out, family dropping by or just the immediate... Continue Reading →

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