Are you holding on to a dead relationship?…. Just let it go!!

~”I’m not bashing men because some women are capable of doing the same thing, and the man gets to a point when he has had enough too. But, I am a woman so I am relating to my own gender right now.”

couple angry on bench


When it’s over… It’s over!! Many women reach a point in their lives when they are done in certain relationships. The try and attempts from their partner is not really taken into consideration anymore. When a woman is fed up that’s it! Once a person realize they are not being treated the way they should, it is easier to walk away. People experience problems in all relationships, however when the two can’t compromise and listen to the other’s concern and attempt to make the relationship better, then there is no reason to keep wasting years and years on the relationship. Men and women hold on to relationships for many different reasons, but at the end of the day life is about being happy.


I am sure men may have a different take on this subject, but I am a woman and I can only write things from my point of view. Now, the average relationship base their decision on staying with each other because of love. As women we try to work things out before calling it quits, especially if we are married. Some men think they can continue doing what they want, and know what to say or do to keep us around. Once a man knows he did something wrong in a relationship, he knows exactly what to do to get back in good with his woman. And ladies what do we do?… fall for that crap! UNTIL… we have had enough. Too many disappointments, lies, deceit, betrayal, etc….. It begins to be too much for one person to accept. Once every day and night becomes a burden because of your significant other, it is time to let go! I know so many women that hold on to relationships that eventually cause them depression, insecurities, and years of heartache. Please love yourself enough to walk away.


Another type of relationship is friendships. How long do we stay friends with someone that we know is really not our friend? Many people have friends from elementary school, high school, and college and the longevity of the friendship keeps them together. However, just because you have been friends with someone for a long time does not make them your true friend. I had to learn that the hard way. Do you remember your mother saying, “That girl is not your friend!” Well 9 times out of 10, Momma was right. I’ve had friends that always call me for advice or they want to talk about their boyfriend/husband all the damn time and I listen. Now when I have an issue, those same so-called friends never had the time to listen to me. They either cut me off while I am talking, change the subject, or just act uninterested in listening to my issues and vent sessions.  That’s not a friend and I cut them off with no warning! What about those friends that throw a little bit of shade every now and then? They are not your friends either. The jealous friends, the friends that take advantage of you, the friends that secretly don’t really like you on the low. Yep, I had all those types of people trying to come into my life as a friend, and I let all of them out of my life as soon as I realized they held no purpose. Breaking up with a friend is sometimes hard to do, but if the relationship is toxic you have to let it go too!


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