DIY Gift Idea: Mother’s Day and More..

Okay, so Mother’s Day is around the corner and if you haven’t already started to plan what you are getting that special woman in your life, here is an idea that you can start working on now (you will need some time to plan, purchase and create) that she will love!

The idea for this creation came to me in February as my sisters and I were preparing for a weekend together in Atlanta. I wanted to give them something special to commemorate the weekend. So, I made these personalized buckets for us all for our hotel room stay.  Cute huh?


Everyone got a bottled water, pen, and emory board. Then I put some of their favorite snacks and items inside. They loved them!

This is my bucket. I keep it in my bathroom and added a candle and a scent pouch inside. I still need to drink the Peach Scnapps in there..LOL

I just couldn’t stop there. So, I made my little ones personalized baskets. I’m still working on the additions to go inside, but either way, they came out cute.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, this creative idea will allow you to personalize a gift for that deserving woman in your life.  You can put anything inside (gift cards, snacks, nail polish, journal, bath salts, candle, perfume and more).

Here is what you will need:

Bucket/pail/caddy – I purchased these from Target but you can find them at any store that sells crafts.  I put some of the colorful shredded paper inside to cushion the various items and add some colorful flair.


Stickers – There are so many different sticker options available for you to personalize the buckets.  You can also find various stickers that will allow you to create a theme for the creation.  On my last trip to Michael’s, I saw so many cute “Mother’s Day” stickers that would create an adorable look.


Well, I hope you enjoy working on this creation and that it make her feel super special. Although Mother’s Day is approaching, you can use this creative idea for any special occasion.  Please share your creation with us so we can see your amazing work and share with others for inspiration.



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