In The City: Yard House/ Atlantic Station

~Yard House in Atlantic Station


atl pic
View from the outside patio

This was the second time that I’ve been to Yard House in Atlantic Station. I love the location and the atmosphere is fun and pretty cozy. I hate going out to eat and you can’t hear the person that you are with because the music is too loud or the volume in the restaurant is too loud in general.

I’ve never dined on the inside. I think the best part of restaurants with a patio is the patio. There are televisions outside as well to add to the experience.

The first time I ate here, the food was great and so was the service. This time, the service was not as on point. It felt like maybe they were short staffed and I didn’t feel like they paid as much attention to us as they should have. The service was slow and it took two waiters to wait on us, but the food was good and it’s always nice to be out in the A when the weather is beautiful.

me at dinner


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  1. Yes I like the food and the atmosphere was pretty cool. The customer service was a little…. ugh!.. but not too bad.


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